Yankee candle fragrance spheres clean cotton

  • $14.00

Bring welcoming, true-to-life Yankee Candle® fragrances wherever you go with Car Jar® Ultimates. Infused with top-selling scents, they make every journey or space even more pleasant. They can stand upright on any flat surface or desk, or the hang string makes it easy to use without taking up additional space. Each Car Jar® is made from fragrance-infused paperboard in a plastic casing in the shape of Yankee Candles iconic Housewarmer® jar. Replace when the fragrance strength is no longer noticeable.


The little beads in our Fragrance Spheres™ make a big impact in small spaces, providing 30 days of inviting, true-to-life fragrance. That's a full month of fragrance-fresh closets, bathrooms, dorms — and all of those other spaces you’d like to add welcoming fragrance. Fragrance Spheres™ are easy to use… just pull off the protective cover and replace the decorative lid for continuous fragrance. For an extra burst of fresh scent, just pick up the jar and give it a gentle shake. You'll know it's time to replace the jar once all of the beads shrink.