Primera men in the pink aqua shield refreshing water 160ml

  • $104.00

Refreshing toner that hydrates dry skin and cleanses the skin mildly.

- Skin barrier care
- Mild exfoliating care
- Soothing effect
- Sebum control care

It takes care of men's skin barriers that easily collapse due to insufficient skin moisture and high sebum compared to women.

Five hyaluronic acids, ranging from low molecules to high molecules, moisturize the skin deeply.

Four iron Mugwort + Hyaluronic acid + Houttuynia + Gold ingredients help strengthen the skin barrier.

It contains Wallow Bark extract containing BHA ingredients, so it cleanses the dead skin cells smoothly and fresh.

The skin is fresh and moist with light moisture that is not stuffy.

How to Use
Take an appropriate amount and pat on the face for absorption or apply to a cotton pad and gently wipe along the skin texture.