Sulwhasoo concentrated ginseng renewing serum EX special set

  • $284.00

Visibly Firm & Soften lines

A hydrating serum formulated with our capsule technology that melts onto skin on contact to deliver powerful anti-aging benefits from visibly improving wrinkles to overall radiance.

Use morning and night, after applying toner.


A fast-acting, triple resilience effect Anti-aging serum with 100,000* GINSENOMICS™ capsules

Sulwhasoo's signature luxury anti-aging serum has sold over 1.5* million bottles.

Ginsenomics™, which is 6,000 times* more concentrated, improve your skin look firmer and more resilient than ever.

An active Beauty Saponin, GINSENOMICS™, obtained only 1g from 1,000g of ginseng. A rare saponin, with outstanding anti-aging benefits available only in trace mounts among the 30 types of saponins found in Ginseng, enriched up to 6,000 times thanks to sulwhasoo’s ginseng biotechnology. It can improve your skin look firmer and more resilient than ever.

100,000* Ginsenomics™ capsules dissolve quickly and improve the look of skin resilience  8 times** faster than before.

A more powerful capsule formulation of GINSENOMICS™ ingredients in one bottle. Quickly absorbed into the skin and feels great to apply. Firming effects can be seen 8 times faster.

The upgraded patented*  capsule technology helps to  protect and deliver the benefits of Ginsenomics™.

The latest in skin science capsule technology and Sulwhasoo’s 60-year-long ginseng research heritage meet in the patented 100,000** GINSENOMICS™ capsules.
Sulwhasoo’s unique Ginsenomics™ capsule technology features two different types of capsules (100,000 visible capsules and invisible capsules) that are easily dissolved and absorbed. These precious Ginsenomics™ ingredients are packaged in a bottle for improving your  skin absorption.