Sulwhasoo timetreasure invigorating eye cream 25ml special set

Sulwhasoo timetreasure invigorating eye cream 25ml special set

  • $349.00

Precious, powerful, and everlasting with youthful energy of Red Pine

The premium total anti-aging eye cream formulated with highly concentrated Upright Korean Red Pine coupled with Poria cocos to fortify the eye area for firmer looking

Twice as more powerful than before, Red Pine DAAWith twice enriched Red Pine DAA, Timetreasure Invigorating delivers even more strong anti-aging benefits.

Purifying capacity in aging skin, Red Pine RPPCRPPC, an anti-aging component extracted from the hard bark of Red Pine, effectively cares aging factors to create younger looking skin.

Poria cocos extract helps the eye area for firmer lookingThe extract of Poria cocos absorbs the energy from the roots of the pine trees and helps the eye area look firmed up.

Dense mesh-like texture that nurtures every inch of skin around your eyesIts rich and moisturizing texture over the eye area to densely cover and conceal visible wrinkles, makes smooth skin texture.

How to Use

After applying Timetreasure Invigorating Emulsion in the morning and at night, release an appropriate amount on the back of your hand and above your eyes.
Use thrid and fourth fingers of both hands to gently massage the eye areas.