Sum37 summa elixer essence special set

  • $210.00

  • A luxury anti-aging essence debuts with 10 years of natural fermentation science and latest scientific technology.
  • Contains 15% high-concentrated Miracle 8 RepairTM and 3 patented natural fermentation ingredients  Cytosis®, Orchid Y and Ferm TheriacaTM.
  • Consecutively apply it for 7 days, to improve 8 major skin concerns including moisture, lifting, elasticity, wrinkle, radiance, pore, skin texture and barrier. Skin is improved noticeably which can be favourably comparable to beauty treatment of aesthetic medicine.
  • Skin friendly. Gentle and non-irritating. Rich nutrients easily and instantly delivered to lower dermis layer of skin.


Direction of use: After toner, take an appropriate amount on palm and apply on face with gentle massage.