Hera age away collagenic water 170ml

Hera age away collagenic water 170ml

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Glow-boosting water that wraps the skin with a thick, highly enriched, moist formula

The rich-textured formula wraps around the skin with a densely-filing, supple and moisturizing sensation to reveal a radiant look.

Collagenic ERP, a skin vitalizing booster enhanced with collagen cube

ERP (Essential Returning Pool), an active ingredient discovered through cell research, is combined with collagen cubes to delight your skin with a greater vitality and bounce. The formula stabilized with the capsulation technology conveys active components.

Tight fit with double hyaluronic acid & rich nutrients from truffle extract

Double care with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which coats the skin surface with moisture, while the long-lasting hydrator low molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides a moisture-plumping effect by embracing the skin with a bouncy-feeling moisture barrier. Obtained by fermenting the truffle that is referred to as the Diamond of the Earth, truffle-derived yeast extract provides intensive nourishing care and conditions the skin.