Hera age away vitalizing emulsion 120ml

Hera age away vitalizing emulsion 120ml

  • $79.00

Anti-wrinkle emulsion that makes the skin supple with oil-moisture balance and resilience care

Moisturizing and nourishment for smooth supple skin

It is an anti-wrinkle lotion that delivers moisture and nourishment deeply into the skin to keep it smooth and supple.

Ideal balance between oil and moisture

Formulated with the ideal combination of moisture and oil, it keeps the level of moisture and oil in the skin balanced and helps the skin fight against aging and stay healthy and supple with the help of natural Asian herb extracts.

Light texture leaving the skin feeling supple

It has such a light texture that you can build it as needed. The more you apply, the more supple the skin will be. Experience an amazing change in the skin’s conditions from the emulsion step of your skincare routine.


  • Gently apply over the face through massage after using AGE AWAY VITALIZING WATER in the morning and at night.
  • Use: 0.4ml (diameter: 1.2cm)