Hera airy blur priming powder 8.5g

Hera airy blur priming powder 8.5g

  • $84.00

Innovative powder type primer that creates 24-hour lasting makeup ready canvas with a single touch

Innovative Clay Powder* creates a smooth & flawless skin canvas free of pores

* Dough type formula that is thinly coated with powder through an innovative production process to remove oil from cream
   Locks moisture into the skin and gets applied in a thin layer without caking with skincare products

① Creates a makeup ready canvas!
     - Dough type powder that blends seamlessly with any type of makeup product

② Creates a smooth canvas through pore & texture covering!
     - The brush works thoroughly along the skin texture to completely cover pores and skin texture

③ Creates a 24-hour lasting flawless canvas!
     - Oil absorbing powder controls oil in the skin for 24 hours to keep the skin looking clear and bright
       Cream vanilla shade alone that can instantly improve the skin tone

Blends perfectly with 1-2 touches! Wide half-moon shaped brush

A brush carefully cut to fit the shape and curve of the face to ensure seamless blending with 1-2 light touches