Hera aquabolic hydro gel cream 50ml

Hera aquabolic hydro gel cream 50ml

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Moisturizing cream relieving stress from the skin by filling it with an abundant refreshing feel

AQUA-TONINGTM for instant moisturizing

It is a moisturizing gel-type cream with lotus extract, betaine and natural moisturizing factor from trehalose working together to soothe the skin and replenish it with moisture.

For bright and clear skin fully filled with fresh moisture

It instantly fills the skin with nice refreshing moisture for bright and flawless complexion.

Moisturizing gel texture providing a refreshing cooling sensation through a thin layer of moisture

It has such a sensual texture that glides smoothly and lightly over the skin and leaves it feeling as though it is coated with a thin layer of moisture.


The key technology applied to AQUABOLIC line. It works to resolve the problem of lack of moisture in the skin by providing moisture energy and boosting the skin’s circulation for skin that looks bright and flawless through delivery of fresh moisture every day.


  • Put an adequate amount on both cheeks, chin and forehead at the cream step of your basic skincare routine in the morning and at night, and then gently apply from the center of the face outward.
  • Use: 0.4ml (diameter: 1.2cm)