Hera melasolv program brightening serum 40ml

Hera melasolv program brightening serum 40ml

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Innovative brightening ingredient, Melasolv 2X™ creates bright, flawless skin

Newly evolved skin brightening Melasolv 2X™ is an innovative ingredient originally developed by Amorepacific through long years of study on the bright and clear skin of Asian women. HERA successfully stabilized the brightening ingredient with its formulation technology to ensure that it is delivered deeply into the skin.
Melasolv 2X™ boosts the absorption of powerful brightening energy into the skin to create bright, flawless skin.

Intensive melanin control to make the skin shine from within

Through intensive melanin control, Melasolv 2X™ awakens the natural radiance of the skin. It gets the skin ready for brightening through the inhibition of melanin production to make it radiant again from within.

SKIN-SHIELD Technology for skin coating

Serum encapsulated in Soft Oil-Capsules instantly bursts upon contact with the skin and coats it. It gives a light, refreshing water-like sensation and hydrates the skin to boost the absorption of active ingredients.