Hera power boosting toner 150ml

  • $91.00

Toner that takes care of the dead skin and prepares the skin base for the next step.

- Refreshing care for the dead skin cells
- Moisturizing ingredients keep your skin moisturized
- Fresh water texture with a lightweight water type

The exfoliating enzyme gently takes care of the skin surface, creating the skin for the next step.

Panthenol and hyaluronic acid complexes help maintain smooth, moist skin conditions.

It provides a light and soft application and a refreshing finish that absorbs quickly.

The subtle wood scent and floral scent combine to leave a delicate male scent.

How to Use
After washing or shaving, put an appropriate amount on the palm of the hand, spread evenly on the face and neck according to the skin texture, and absorb it lightly.