Hera refreshing cleansing foam 160g

Hera refreshing cleansing foam 160g

  • $54.00

Cleansing foam that removes makeup residue and dead skin cells left on the skin and provides moisture to keep the skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

Removal of impurities and dead skin for soft and smooth skin texture

Refreshing Cleansing Foam includes 3-AHA Complex and Cellulose Beads which help removing dead skin so that makes your skin soft.

Clean finish without any oily residues, yet providing deep hydration

Rose Peptide and Hydro Ceramide Complex deeply hydrate the skin even after cleansing.
It finishes your skin clean and light, free of the oily residues.

Soft and rich foam

It provides you low-irritation and soft cleansing experience by fine-textured and rich foam created from a small amount of formula.