Hera youth activating cell serum

Hera youth activating cell serum

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Urban anti-aging serum that boosts the skin’s moment of radiance with powerful pyruvate

Relief for skin aged by irritation from harmful urban stimuli

The accumulation of harmful conditions and irritation quickly reduces the skin’s condition.
The formula keeps the skin barrier healthy and resistant against damage* to reveal a bouncy and bright glow.
*Damage: Damaged skin barrier resulting from roughness

Pyruvate, the key anti-aging ingredient from cell culture medium, which HERA has paid particular attention to

Pyruvate is a main component of DMEM, which cultivates cells.
Pyruvate is a source of energy featuring a powerful anti-aging effect. HERA discovered its skin benefits to deliver it as a product.

Deep penetration through Two-Level Sizing Technology

The silky soft formula melts in with a wonderful sensation and leaves a long-lasting dewiness. Experience the serum that goes surprisingly deeply into the skin, thanks to HERA’s special processing technology.