Kiss me heavy rotation coloring eyebrow N

  • $25.00

Kiss me heavy rotation coloring eyebrow N


  • Beautiful coloring with a single coat.


  • Natural fluffy eyebrow mascara.


  • Natural soft eyebrows with 1 tone up of eyebrows.


  • Several colors to choose from for a wide range of hair colors.


  • Multi-proof formula that is resistant to sweat, water, sebum, and rubbing.


  • Technical brush that does not easily stick to the skin.


  • Easy off with hot water.


  • Contains panthenol (eyebrow protection ingredient).

    How to use:


  • If you use it with other eyebrows, such as powder, pencil, liquid, use this product afterwards.


  • Use makeup remover when removing it.


  • As it goes against the coat, apply from the Bizan to the eyebrow.


  • Apply it as if to coat from the eyebrows toward the eyebrows while preparing the coat.