Lolita lempika EDP

Lolita lempika EDP

  • $59.00

The essential forbidden fruit

Mon Premier Parfum, a contemporary bouquet of licorice flowers with sensual notes of anise and violet, is a true invitation to travel and passion. An ode to femininity, it seduces immediately, intensely, eternally.

The essential forbidden fruit with the gourmet and sensual signature of Lolita Lempicka.   

The famous Eden apple, designed by Lolita Lempicka, reveals new and more modern forms. It invites temptation. Designed as an “objet d'art”, Mon Premier Parfum is enhanced by a unique, beautiful bottle: a jewel perfume faceted like a precious stone and magnified by splinters of light. An enchantment dedicated to all women who let themselves be seduced by a magical and sensual universe.  

Mon Premier Parfum meets its commitment to respect and protect the environment and animals. Designed with quality natural ingredients, Mon Premier Parfum is labeled One Voice. 100% Vegan, this perfume contains no dyes, filters or endocrine disruptors.