Primera AG VCN perfect oil to foam cleanser

Primera AG VCN perfect oil to foam cleanser

  • $42.00

An oil-to-foam cleanser that gently melts makeup with oil and provides a secondary cleansing with a rich foam.

✔ It provides easy and quick first and secondary cleansing by combining oil cleansing, which strongly removes makeup, and foam cleansing, which thoroughly cleanses with a rich foam.

✔ The powerful cleansing ability removes not only stubborn base makeup and daily point makeup with strong durability and coverage, but also fine dust and blackheads accumulated by the external environment.

✔ Oil-to-foam cleanser keeps the skin barrier healthy by reducing both the physical irritation during cleansing and cleansing time itself.

How to use

Pump an appropriate amount on dry hands. Apply on dry face and gently massage. When the makeup melts, apply water and create foam for secondary cleansing. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.