Primera alpine berry watery cream 100ml

Primera alpine berry watery cream 100ml

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A watery cream that features the power and energy of berries that sprout new leaves even in the highlands as high as 2,400m above sea level to preserve moisture inside and outside your skin and help take care your skin’s radiance.

 Moisture Maintenance  Skin Rejuvenation Nourishment  5-Free
  • Alpine Berry ComplexTM is formulated with wild strawberry sprouts and blackberries that survive in highlands over 2,400 m above sea level to sprout and bear fruit and supplies rich moisture and vitality to the skin as a natural moisturizing factor.
  • Wild strawberry sprouts deliver exceptional moisturizing capacities when germinated in highlands and blackberries, rich in anthocyanin, are powerful antioxidants for the clarity and vitality of skin.
  • The Watery-StayTM Technology maintains the smooth texture as much as possible and contains ample moisture for refreshing and long-lasting moisturization.
  • Coconut-derived oil nourishes and mugwort leaf extracts fortify the skin’s defense capacity and purifying action for healthier skin.


Every morning and evening, after applying a serum and an eye cream, dispense an adequate amount and apply evenly to the face and neck