SK2 genoptics ultraura essence 50ml

SK2 genoptics ultraura essence 50ml

  • $346.00

SK-II's No.1 Brightening Essence For Ultimate Aura From Inside Out

What it is:

SK-II’s No.1 brightening essence Ultimate Aura cleanses your skin from the inside out thanks to GenOptics Ultraura Essence powered by Pitera™ and the new brightening ingredient SDL PRO.

What it does:

With more than 26 years of brightening research, SK-II discovered for the first time in the world the yellow dullness produced from oxidative stress caused by sleep deprivation. GenOptics Ultraura Essence clears stubborn dullness and spots from deep within as a holistic brightening solution. Notice your skin transform, as yellowish, reddish, greyish and brownish dullness and spots are reduced, your skin tone is brightened up and your radiant ultimate aura is unleashed from the inside out.


  • Dispense serum onto your palm with the auto-fill dropper. One full drop gives you the optimal dosage for your full face.
  • Use your fingers to put serum on areas of concern, then spread all over the face.
  • Smooth evenly over skin, and gently press to confirm absorption.
  • Everyday usage brings out your Aura before you know. 1 full drop in the morning for instant visible skin brightening and 1 full drop at night to work on melanin overnight for radiant skin in the morning.