Sulwhasoo concentrated ginseng renewing eye cream 20ml

  • $210.00

Eye cream that alleviates five major eye area wrinkle-related concerns to create firmer, smoother-looking skin around the eyes

Improved look of resilience on the eye area thanks to Ginsenomics and Ginseng Retinol

Ginsenomics™ contains a rare type of Ginseng Saponin (1g extracted from 1,000g of Ginseng) concentrated 6,000 times using exclusive technology available at the Sulwhasoo Heritage & Science Center

Ginseng Retinol™ featuring a Ginseng Flower extract and Retinol complex is added to the triple resilience-boosting efficacies of Ginsenomics™ to improve the look of resilience around your eye area and take care of future eye area-related concerns.

Total care for five major eye area wrinkle concerns* using the triple resilience-boosting effect.

Using the product once can improve the look of resilience on the eye area**! Resilience can provide intensive care for the five major types of wrinkles near the eye and alleviate eye area skin concerns