Sulwhasoo luminature glow cream 50ml+20ml

Sulwhasoo luminature glow cream 50ml+20ml

  • $197.00

Unique Glow Cream helps keep your face moist and bright all day

Elegant, naturally glowing skinLuminature Glow Cream helps care for your skin with SKULLCAP root extract, HONEYSUCKLE flower extract and apricot kernel oil components, giving you a glowing look that’s healthy and elegant.
Apply around dry areas for a healthy, rejuvenated lookThe easy-to-carry tube goes where you go, letting you apply on dry areas during the day to maintain a fresh makeup look.
Unique texture provides moisture and glowMade with unique Sulwhasoo technology, the texture of the gel sponge helps the cream spread evenly through the fine lines and curves on your face, keeping your skin glowing and moist.

How to Use

Can be used day or night after your basic skincare routine. Apply a moderate amount and gently spread across your entire face.
Depending on your skin condition, allow the cream to be absorbed before applying another layer for beautifully moist and glowing skin.
Carry the tube wherever you go and Apply throughout the day to maintain an elegant, glowing look.