Sulwhasoo make up balancer ex SPF34/PA++ 35ml No.1

  • $89.00

The makeup balancer balances the skin texture and skin tone, leaving skin bright, glowing, and full of energy

Balancing vitality and radiance

The Rose Gold Pearl Complex leaves skin bright and glowing, as well as smoothens the skin texture. Also, the micro film former makes the makeup last longer.

Balancing texture, tone, and glow

Wax oil blend protects the moisture in the skin from evaporating, keeping skin hydrated and balanced throughout the day.

Balancing skin protection

Protect your skin against ultraviolet rays and blue lights with MAKEUP BALANCER EX SPF34 PA++

Use after skincare

After skincare, apply an appropriate amount on the back of hand to spread thinly over face

No. 1 "Light pink" luminescent base

Enhanced Rose Gold Pearl Complex
illuminates your skin for a radiant glow.

No. 2 "Light purple" silk luminance base

The silk luminance base leaves
unbalanced and dull skin
with a silky and lustrous glow.

No.3 "Light green" correction base

The balancing effect of the correction base
helps flushed or pigmented skin
appear bright and clear.