Sulwhasoo snowise brightening cushion SPF50+/PA+++ 14g*2

Sulwhasoo snowise brightening cushion SPF50+/PA+++ 14g*2

  • $94.00

Reveal your naturally radiant, pearlescent skin.

Snowise Brightening Cushion leaves your skin with a pearlescent glow that’s brighter and more radiant.

Mother-of-pearl complex EX™'s dazzling brillianceSulwhasoo’s Pearlescent Complex EX formula boosts your skin’s natural radiance, brightening dull-looking skin almost immediately with special luminescent glow.

Discovering beauty in Korean White GinsengSnowise Brightening Cushion uses white ginseng polysaccharide extract, the common component of Snowise Brightening skincare, radiates the moisture-reflected light in skin, to enrich your skin, leaving it looking moisturized, clear, and translucent. White Lilium Longiflorum flower extract boasts an antioxidant efficacy that purifies your skin and boosts skin tone.

Flawless and long-lasting coverageSulwhasoo's Air Glow Formula and Slim Fit Applicator helps create natural and flawless looking skin with a thin application that goes on lightly across your entire face.

How to Use

After applying a Sulwhasoo makeup balancer, use the puff to dispense the right amount and apply according to the skin texture. Then, pat a dry.