Sum37 time energy bright special set 3pcs

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Fermented PHA is created through herbal fermentation technology and a rigorous process. It is a less irritating skin texture conditioning ingredient than AHA. Sum37°'s fermented PHA was developed more rigorously through European herb fermentation and concentration processes.

  • Tru-Active™ 10 years of fermentation time and Sum37° fermentation technology combine to condense over 40 types of skin nutrients and increase skin active ingredients by up to 38 times**.
  • Sum37°'s Palm-Illuminact™ is a fermented brightening ingredient completed in collaboration with the Natural Fermentation Research Institute by carefully selecting 4 types of herbs* grown in clean farms that have not used pesticides or chemical fertilizers for at least 3 years.
  • Sum37°'s Lumitamine™ is a complex containing herbal water known to be excellent for moisturizing and soothing, vitamin C, and tocotrienol with excellent antioxidant power, and provides effective brightening with Palm-Illuminact™.
  • Whitening functional ingredient Niacinamide is the most representative whitening functional ingredient that takes care of blemishes and overall skin tone.
  • Biopeptide190™ is Sum37°'s unique sensitive care ingredient created through yeast discovered through research on over 190 types of microorganisms and 770,000 aeration methods.

What's included:

  1. Su:m37 Time Energy Bright Clarifying Toner 170ml +20ml
  2. Su:m37 Time energy Bright Refining Emulsion 120ml +20ml
  3. Su:m37 Time Energy Bright Luminous Cream 25ml +10ml
  4. Su:m37 Time Energy Bright Luminous Serum 7ml
  5. Su:m37 Time Energy Brigh Spot Correcting Concentrate 4ml
  6. Su:m37 Time Energy Bright Clay Pack Cleanser 100ml