Sum37 time energy moist firming cream

Sum37 time energy moist firming cream

  • $111.00

SU:M37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Moist Firming Cream is a luxurious anti-ageing moisturiser that contains natural fermented plant extracts to deeply moisturise and firm the skin. The silky, smooth texture of the cream wraps around your skin to help improve skin elasticity, boost and retain moisture levels and help diminish ageing signs.

Test proofed the Herb Fermented ingredients provides 24-hr long lasting hydration*. Hyaluronic acid further strengthen the moisturizing benefit.

In soft and fresh texture, suitable to apply this multi-functional cream in all seasons.

Contains 8 organic herbal ingredients, including Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Rosehip, Grapes, Pumpkin, Pears.

How to use:

After emulsion, take an appropriate amount and apply on face. Pat softly to enhance the absorption.