Sum37 water full bluemune essence

  • $168.00

A brand-new Bluemune ingredient, co-discovered with the National Institute of Fisheries Science, strengthen skin barrier and enhance self-regenerating ability in order to strengthen skin’s immunity.

Each 50ml bottle contains 250 millions of Ewha Yeast, with hydrating serum to strengthen skin moisture passages, and balance the water and oil level of skin.

Contains Peptide to increase Elastin of skin, for a radiant and dewing skin tone with elasticity increased.

How to use:

After toner, take an appropriate amount on palm, then gently apply over face. Pat softly to enhance absorption.


special set included:

  • water full bluemune essence 50ml
  • water full toner 20ml
  • water full emulsion 20ml 
  • water full moisturizing cream 10ml
  • water gel cleansing foam 40ml