Whoo cheongidan hwahyun illuminating refining pad 160ml 60ea

Whoo cheongidan hwahyun illuminating refining pad 160ml 60ea

  • $69.00

Enriched in special Hwa Hyun Refining Complex™, CheonIlGamCho Complex™, Pyrujuven™, and CheonGiBiDan, provide thorough skincare that can reduce the appearance of coarse pores, dull skin, and wrinkles to achieve more clear and transparent Hwahyun skin.

The newly enhanced pad with moisturizing polymer boosts impregnation power by 1.6 times*, providing exceptional hydration and effectively improving the skin's moist feeling. In addition, the double-sided microfiber design of the pad has different functions. The embossed side is used for removing dead skin and makeup residue with a non-irritating texture. The microfiber sheet side can be used as a soothing mask to give the skin the most delicate care, maximize the skin brightening effect, and create clear, smooth skin.

Daily care
1. After washing your face, take out a pad using the built-in tongs.
2. With an embossed side, gently wipe the entire face except around the eyes in the direction of the skin texture.
3. Use microfiber sheet side, gently wipe the area that needs to be relieved.

Special care (can be used on a topical areas such as lips, under eyes, neck):
1. Attach a microfiber sheet to the area that needs soothing care as a substitute for a mask pack.
2. After 5 minutes, gently wipe the entire area and pat the remaining essence for absorption.