Whoo essential uv protective cream SPF50+ PA++++ special set

  • $79.00

The Gongjinhyang Essential Sun Cream is an ideal choice for dry skin.

Its ingredients, GongJinBiDan and CheongSaIkGiDan, are known for their effective moisturizing properties and ability to promote blood circulation, thereby keeping the skin hydrated and counteracting aging caused by UV rays. The latest version comes with an upgraded package that includes new Arginine and Glycoprotein ingredients, which effectively moisturize the skin and promote cell growth. These new ingredients improve the sunscreen's skincare benefits, keeping the skin moisturized and enhancing moisture retention and elasticity while protecting against UV rays.

The texture is thin and moist, and it can stick to the skin with light application and moisturize the skin.

After your skincare routine, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on face with the makeup puff. For better UV ray protection, apply a second layer onto high points of your face such as cheekbone and bridge of your nose.