Whoo gongjinhyang seol whitening powder pact SPF45/PA+++ 13g

  • $88.00

A herbal functional pact that brightens and brightens the complexion of the skin

- Containing Baekgyo extract extracted by concentrating antler deer antler, it smoothes the skin texture, restores skin radiance, and enhances the lasting power of makeup.

- A whitening pact that realizes whitening from the deep inside of the skin and blocks ultraviolet rays on the outside of the skin to complete the queen's radiant skin glow.

- Skin protection + high light reflectance to correct transparent and bright skin tone

- Provides excellent whitening effect by putting the ingredients of whitening essence into the pact

- Can express clear and transparent skin & improve skin blemishes, excellent whitening effect

- A whitening functional skin emulsion softener containing "ChilHyang PalBaekSan" and chrysanthellu Indicum extract to help the skin appear as fair and clear as a white gem.

- New secret ingredients for whitening are included in the highly concentrated whitening product that naturally covers freckles and spots

- Wild chrysanthemum extract, on active whitening ingredient, and chilhyang palbaeksan produce a whitening synergy.